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We are extenting our domicile in Hedensted

February 2018

Since we moved into our new domicile at Mimersvej 1 in Hedensted two years ago the company has developed greatly. Aqusitions and expantions of business areas has resulted in lack of space. We are now adding another 170 square to our lovely house which we are looking foreward to move into end April 2018.


New employee in R2 Agro

January 2018

Welsome to Technical Sales Manager Christian Damgaard Sørensen

Christian Damgaard Sørensen

Christian, 42 years, is a skilled agriculturist. He is also graduated as agrarian economist from "Bygholm Landbrugsskole"

Christian har a great knowledgeabout operation and management of pig farms in Denmark but also in Russia, where he has been based for several years. Christian will assist and relieve the Export Sales Mananger with farm visits and on-site training at distributors and colaborative partners.



R2 Agro among first movers within
non-GM certification VLOG

December 2017

Now, we have been awarded a certificate for what we have already done for years, and with the new VLOG certification, we can guarantee non-GM products for both feed production and within our range of supplementary feed for cattle, pigs, poultry, and fish.

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New team players

We are pleased to welcome Helle Lyse Kobberø og Anja Koch...

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Christmas Greetings

CEO Lars Skou writes the seasons greetings..

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Thanks for visiting

Thanks to every one who vistited our stand at EuroTier in Hannover

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More strength to sales

Jesper Møller Nielsen is engaged as Head of Sales as of Nov 1st

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Meet us at EuroTier

We show at EuroTier 2016. Visti us at stand H20 J17. See you

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R2 Agro proudly presents..

Have a glimpse of our daily routines

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Education with R2 Agro

Peter Lapp has finished his 2-year education as Logistics Assistant.

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DisoLyt instuction video..

Calves suffering from diarrhoea may die due to dehydration.

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We are now to bring in the harvest

… into our new grain storage facilities. If you are interested in buying or selling grain do not hesitate to contact us.

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News letter by Lars Skou

CEO Lars Skou writes about the activities in the spring and about essential investments in a heat recycling plant

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Yoghurt for piglets

It is well-known that yoghurt is beneficial for the health and weel-being of piglets

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New team players

We are very pleased to welcome Heidi Bøckel Häuser og Sven Mehic with R2 Agro...

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Minerals for grazing cattle

Green Selenium Bolus provides the animals with selenium and other minerals during the entire grazing period.

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Responsible business

R2 Agro works strategically with sustainability and take responsibility for people, environment and economy
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